St. Petersburg Part 2

So Saturday we strolled around town near the hotel and went to the Vodka museum. Then at night we went to a nightclub. I led the group to the club using our map and my navigation skills but it turns out our club had been shut down years ago. So we asked people on the street where we could find a good nightclub. They wanted to take a group picture of us. This is what happens when your a Westerner in Russia sometimes. So we went to a pretty cool club, did the VIP thing by buying expensive stuff, got kicked out because one of us fell asleep at the table, and ended up cramming all five of us in a cab again. After we got out of the cab, a friend tried to lift me up and carry me home but he fell and I fell on him. I was lying flat on my back in front of the Isaac Cathedral laughing in the dead of winter and all four 4 guys (being the token female in a group seems to be the never ending saga in my life) carried me to the hotel and I was chanting that I was the Queen of St. Petersburg. What a night.

The next day we went to Peterhoff -pronounced Petergoff. The “h” is pronounced with “g” in Russian. Ex: Harry Potter is pronounced Garry Potter. Peterhoff is where the Tsars used to live. So we went inside the palace which is now a museum. We also walked in the garden leading to the Baltic Sea. Aside from the fact that all the statues were boarded up for winter, the main statue at the top of the locks leading up to the palace was beautiful. It’s a golden statue of Peter the Great opening a lion’s mouth. We walked on the frozen parts of the Baltic, so I can technically say that I’ve walked on the Baltic.

The train ride back to Moscow the following day, was interesting. It was more family oriented than the train to St. Pete’s. We once again attracted quite the crowd such as old ladies trying to marry their daughters and granddaughters off, and couples, and teenagers etc… I let some of them write in my black notebook. We were really impressed with their English skills. My Russian was seriously put to the test. It was fun.

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