St. Pete’s

So, last Monday a few colleagues and I got together after school to look at hotels. We booked a four bed room for $60 for 3 nights.  The day we left to St. Pete’s was hectic but so fun at the same time. There was a bit of drama, as I got a txt message while I was in class saying that one of us decided not to go and found a replacement. So, what did I decide to do? I cancelled my commitments after class to go see that person and convince them come. Luckily it worked. Then, because we were now 5 people and not 4, we went to the train station to buy the fifth person’s ticket which was way cheaper than ours and it was the overnight train, whereas we were on an earlier one. Our school was having a party that night, so me and my colleague decided to buy new tickets and hop on the overnight train with the 5th guy, to give us time to go back home, pack and check out the school party. Our two other colleagues took the 8:55 train and we met the next day. The overnight train was a blast! We got to the train station, bought some beers for the ride, I met a bunch of people on the train and we talked a lot. Because I was with two Swiss colleagues who don’t speak English, we were speaking French and one guy on the train kept wanting to show me he could speak French. Kinda funny. The next morning when we woke up, we had a bunch of fans coming by our beds/seats, to hang out. When we got off the train, we had Champagne at the train station for breakfast. It was women’s day which is a big celebration here in Russia where they take the day off to celebrate it. So we gave some Champagne to the train attendant. She enjoyed it. It was cool. Then, after two hours of trying to find our other colleagues who were on an earlier train, we realized that we were at two different train stations. We found eachother eventually at the hotel.

Last night we went wandering about to find a place to eat. Then we got lost kind of trying to find our way back. There’s lots of Canals with many bridges in St. Pete’s so we eventually found a set of stairs to the canal and walked on it a little bit, but they’re not maintained for skating or walking so it was slightly dangerous. Then we decided to catch a cab home and we crammed all 5 us in the the cab. I was in the front on my friend’s lap and three squished in the back. In Russia, you can flag down cars and you negotiate the price. Anyway, will keep y’all posted.

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