Canadians are special

So I’ve been thinking about what to write and I think if there is anything I have to say, other than the fact that I’m having a blast with my international colleagues, is that Canadians are special. Yes, we are very rare, and people treat us as though we’re some diamond in the rough. It makes sense. We are only 30 million people. When people hear me speak in English on my phone,  I sometimes get asked for my number, or people smile and stare at me, which is flattering, but also really awkward for me.

I love the fact that I’m French Canadian too, because it has allowed me to form a bond with French speaking Europeans here, and they help me with my French! I’m really going to miss it here. I have the best setup, being so close to school, with a piano in my room, and my colleauges/friends who live just a few blocks away. These international experiences are great. The only downside, is you meet people and then you all go back to where you came from (or off to other places) and probably will not see eachother again. Therefore, it’s all about the memories you create. I feel like I’m living a wonderful dream that I will wake up from in the not too distant future. I love it here! I have a month of school left, and I’m dreading the end! 😦 I don’t want it to end!!!!

The mother of the girls I babysit wants to me to work for her full time after school is done at the end of March. It would be a good summer job, and I’m interested in doing it so that I can stay, and the pay is great. I just don’t want to give up my amazing huge bedroom, and proximity to the friends I’ve made. Alas, things always evolve. And if they don’t, life is boring. My American roommate left yesterday in the early morning. I helped bring her luggage down and saw her off. She was homesick from day one. She was awesome though, but, again, things evolve.

Party tonight!!!!! One of my former US Navy, American colleagues, and his roommates (Swiss and Japanese) are throwing a party just a few blocks from here. They’re really nice, good guys.  The American has forgiven me for being Canadian hahahaha.

Have a great day.


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