Back in action

Oh my gosh, I am sorry for not posting anything in ages. I’ve just been so busy with school (3.5 hours per day +homework), work, tourist activities, socializing, applying for a masters and my blog. Not to mention spending waaaayyyy to much time on Facebook. Horrible I know. Anyway, here is an update on the stuff I did in past week or so.

I applied for Masters. We’ll see if I get in. If I don’t, I supposing sharing the fact that I applied is kind of shooting myself in the foot with shame, but it’s really not the end of the world. I was permitted to send signed and scanned docmuents by email because I could not mail them in time, but I did need to mail the hard copies, just not by the deadline for funding. Upon communicating with the graduate studies application coordinator I was told that my references had not been received which put me in a bit of a panic because my referees has sent them way in advance. The time difference was huge help in coordinating with my referees to email the letters in. Gotta love that time difference. Great for business.

Work. Have beem babysitting a five year old and a one year old for 2 hours everyday. The five year old is increadibly knowledgeable because she can already read in English, draw my portrait and educate me in Greek mythology. Her character however needs improvement. I was left alone with the baby for the first time, just me and her while everyone was gone. She started to cry uncontrollably and I could not get her to stop. It was like a scene from a tv show or movie when the baby won’t stop crying and then finally the adult finds a way to make it stop. I kept hoping for that moment, and it finally came. When I  thought maybe watching the huge traffic jam outside, from the window would entertain her. So I held her and we watched traffic for an hour while I sang lullabies. Calm at last.

School social. Our school organized a party which took place last Thursday. It was so much fun. We could bring food that represents our country, so I made apple crisp -my specialty, and it was a big hit. We played games which tested our Russian language skills and got to get to know people in different levels. I got pretty drunk. I woke up very hung over realizing I had gone up to four teachers who were having a conversation outside the party room, with a bottle of champagne in my hand. Coulda been worse! I could have vomited…..right? That night was great. It broke the ice between all the different courses. I’m really gonna miss it here. It reminds me of when I went to the Climate Change Conference. You get to meet, live, work and study with new people, from all over the world. And when it’s over, you go back home, and never see these people again. It’s a bit sad for me, but only because this is such an awesome experience. I wish I had studied abroad for my undergrad. Three months here is simply not enough. I’m already half way through as we are in the middle of February, and it has gone by way to fast.

Tourism. I went to the Kremlin with some colleagues last Friday while I was extremely hungover. We saw the Diamond Room and the Armoury for a grand total of 30 bucks. Pretty spectacular when I look back, but at the time there was so much amazing stuff to look at that their amazingness seemed to cancel eachother out. But I could just have been tired. We went for sushi after. I managed to stomach it. I fell asleep though for 20 minutes.

Anyway, I apologize for being awol, and I will be posting more regularly again.

Cheers everybody!


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