So my colleague/roommate and I are crossing the street to go to class, and I’m wearing my really nice toque from the dollar store with maple leafs on it. As we get to the other side this guy with piercing blue eyes says to me : “Kanadian?” I says “ya.” In amazement he says : “HOLEH SHEEEETTTT.” So funny. We must be a delicacy over here. 


We did groceries after school and they have tallboys of Bud for less than a dollar I kid you not. It’s 30 rubbles to the dollar and they were only like 27 or 29 rubbles! I took a pic on my blackberry that I use as a camera only but it would not upload onto my lap top :((((((   I’m drinking the Russian equivalent of Labatt Blue or Molson Canadian, interms of popularity, at the minute. It’s called Baltika, also for less than a dollar. OH yeahhhh. 



1 thought on “HOLEH SHEET

  1. Canadian are good people! Always good to meet Canadian in Russia. I live in Moscow, I hate meeting Americans, they are dishonest capitalists, but Canadians are good compassionate people!

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