Cold but not chill……

So I’m starting to get a better feel of Moscow. People definitely aren’t as enthusiastic as I am. One thing that drives me crazy, is that people here push their way through anything. I was paying for groceries a few days ago and a man in line started to push me out of the line with his shopping cart. Like really?

I went to the дом гниги (House of Books) today. It’s a really huge and amazing book store. Some colleagues and I made the trip to buy a book we needed for class. However I got pretty annoyed when there was no line up or bottle neck but someone just had to come put their book on the counter and press for me to hurry when I was paying for a book. Like really? You can’t give me a little space? I think I might assault someone if this continues.

Another observation, is that people here don’t look healthy. You can see the effects of the past 100 years on people’s faces.

That is all for now. From Russia with love.

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